Guinevere (parallel_rose) wrote in dark_ithaca,

Psyche Corp. at Steampunk World's Fair this weekend

Psyche Corp. performs at Steampunk World's Fair this weekend in Somerset, NJ. Come by!

FRIDAY- Courtyard Stage @11:30pm-12:30am
SATURDAY- Courtyard Stage @9pm-10pm

Psyche Corp. is a cybersteam music conglomerate seeking to combine art, fashion, dance, and science within the framework of a technomythological world of life-extension and virtual reality servers full of wonderful nightmares. Specializing in an unique genre often described as dark Victorian fairytale science fiction, the band itself is named after a dream manufacture group from the future where widespread neural implants have allowed people to jack their nerve endings directly into the internet and download dreams. As a performance group, Psyche Corporation has at various times incorporated robot exhibitions, steel origami cranes, contortion, corsets, flashlights, and old radios. The music spans genres; a recent song has mixed tribal singing with classical piano while embedding the DNA of deadly polio virus into its percussion.

To get an idea of how our music sounds, here's one of our songs, "Institute."

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